3 Christmas plants to avoid having for the holidays!


You use it to decorate your home, but if the berries fall to the ground, they can be swallowed by your pet. If the animal swallows them, it could have digestive disorders like diarrhea and also vomiting. On the other hand, fatal intoxications are rare.

The Mistletoe

Mistletoe, popular holiday plant, pretty, but watch out for berries rolling on the ground. The inside of mistletoe berries is dangerous for the heart and the nervous system. Attention, in these cases, intoxication can be fatal.


Although less toxic than mistletoe, do not let your pet get close to it. It can cause him irritation in the mouth, in the stomach. Do not forget that cats climb, even in height this plant is to be avoided!

What to do if the animal is poisoned?

Call or immediately consult a veterinarian (or duty veterinarian) to tell him about the incident. He can then guide you.

The best solution is prevention!


Happy holidays safe to you and your animals!