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In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we offer various services relating to the specialty of our branches. Please note that no appointment is necessary for nail trimming and sexing services.

We strongly suggest that you call the branch that interests you the same day before bringing your pet. This will ensure the presence of a trained clerk for the requested service.

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Mowing and grooming

The dog and cat clipping and grooming service is offered at the Neufchâtel, Beauport, Charlesbourg and Rimouski branches. The price and time required varies depending on the breed and the work to be done. Anal gland cleaning service is also offered.

The fancy grooming service is also available at the Neufchâtel branch. We now offer semi-permanent dye, stenciled patterns, diamond application, nail polish and partial coloring (paws, ears, tail, etc.). Ask our groomer for an estimate and an appointment.

It should be noted that significant traffic can occur during the holiday season, in the spring and during the summer. Plan ahead to make your appointment!

Creation of medals

Each branch offers the creation of medals for your dog or your cat. All you have to do is go to your Dyno branch to choose your medal and indicate the inscriptions to add to it. Once your order is ready, we will contact you directly to pick up your medal.

Waiting times usually do not exceed a week.

Dog scale

The branches in Neufchâtel, Vanier, Ste-Foy, Beauport, Lévis and Rimouski are equipped with a dog scale available to you to monitor the progress of your animal’s weight.</ p >

Claw cut

Each branch offers the nail trimming service for dogs, cats and rodents. Just call the branch the same day to make sure a clerk trained in claw trimming is present, then come to the branch with your pet.

The claw and wing pruning service for birds is also offered at branches in Neufchâtel, Vanier, Ste-Foy and Rimouski.

Sexing reptiles

The reptile sexing service is only offered at the Vanier branch. Just call the day of your visit to make sure our specialist is present before bringing your pet for sexing.

Sale of raw food

In order to get as close as possible to the natural diet of canines and felids, Bold Raw has developed its range of high quality raw meat products, without antibiotics or hormones.

Perfect for pets with allergies, itchy skin or digestive disorders, Bold Raw products come from four animal sources: turkey, chicken, beef and rabbit. The sale of Bold Raw raw meat for dogs and cats is offered at branches in Neufchâtel, Vanier, Ste-Foy and Rimouski.

DNA test for sexing birds

The DNA bird sexing test can be performed at branches in Neufchâtel, Vanier, Ste-Foy and Rimouski. Just call the day of your visit to make sure our specialist is present before bringing your bird for sampling.

The blood sample is then sent to HealthGene Laboratories, a research center specializing in veterinary analyzes and diagnostics. We can have confirmation of the sex of your bird ten days after the sample. It takes approximately one month to receive the issued sexing confirmation certificate.

Water test

Ideal if you have a problem with your aquarium without really understanding the cause. Our aquarium specialists will perform the necessary analytical tests to advise you on the changes to be made in order to keep your aquarium in optimal condition.

Home aquarium maintenance

Whether your needs are weekly or monthly, one of our subcontractors offers our customers home aquarium cleaning service. For your saltwater or freshwater aquarium, our expert will be able to maintain your aquarium and give it everything it needs to maintain optimal conditions for its occupants.

Contact our aquarium specialists at the Neufchâtel branch for more information.

Did you know?

Our large branches each have their own specialty. Indeed, the Neufchâtel branch is recognized for its aquarium department, and its bird department.

The Vanier store, for its part, specializes in reptiles, while offering a wide choice in the bird department. Finally, the Ste-Foy branch offers a lot of variety in products for dogs and cats in addition to offering its customers a large choice of aquatic plants.