Do you have the intention of adding life to your home? Know that an abundance of set ups can be effected depending on your interests, whether it be for a fresh water aquariums, natural plants and salt water aquariums, you will find that here. We hold a couple of general items that will help you have a better understanding of what implies when starting a new aquarium.

A fresh water aquarium that contains no natural plants is the most common and also the “simplest” to create. All that is left to do is set up your aquarium (all fish excluded) and let it run for 48 hours. On 48 hours has passed, simply test your water to ensure that it is a livable environment for the fish. The majority of the time supplements will be added in order to create a chemical balance in your water. Once your aquarium is ready, you can then add your first fish.

A natural plant aquarium is in fact a soft water aquarium with live plants inside. It’s creation will need modre patience before obtaining a stable aquarium water. Like the soft water aquarium, everything must be installed (except the plants) including the substrate for living plants and let everything run for 48 hours before testing the water. Once the water is stable, you may then add plants. To make sure algae don’t appear, it is best to add a large amount of plants at the start and a few (2-3) fish. If you desire to diminish the amount of plants in the aquarium and add light, a cleaning can be done. Generally, a month suffices to aquire an adequate aquarium water.

Salt water aquariums are more complex and are not suggested as first time aquariums. Numerous steps must be followed and many factors can make the time for an adequate water vary. You understand that there is no typical recipe to follow for this type of aquarium. Although, the general principle remains the same as fresh water aquariums. Base components must be installed before testing the water and adding supplements to have an adequate water for the first fish. Salt water aquariums can take up to 6 or 7 months to settle properly.

In all cases, the secret to starting an aquarium is patience. Take the time to do frequent water changes, adjust luminosity and the temperature and to consult a specialist to make sure no problems arise.